Natalie Settles

Settles is an award-winning artist and scientist whose work has received funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Science Foundation, the Heinz Endowments, and has been featured in the journal Science.

Natalie Settles’ work recasts the interdisciplinary relationship between Victorian design and evolutionary biology into contemporary practice. Her current large-scale, digital-interactive works allow audiences to participate in and accelerate evolution.

"One of the key values that art offers society, they say, is lateral thinking. By that standard Natalie Settles is a national treasure. She is extraordinary for her ability to move from one framework to another: art to science, drawing to sculpture, decoration to biology, technology to craft. Her latest ambitious project (all her projects are ambitious), Evolving Wallpaper, is a case in point."
Glenn Adamson, Ph.D., former Director of the Museum of Art and Design, New York, currently Senior Scholar at the Yale Center for British Art
"Settles’ work is an artifact resulting from the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas - an act that can only further our collective understanding of knowledge production and our interactions with it."
J.D. Talasek, Director of Cultural Programs, The National Academy of Sciences
"The depth and complexity of her interdisciplinary practice is evident not only in the content and form of her work, but in the manner in which she engages with people throughout the process of creating the work - from clients and community members to contractors and fabricators. Throughout all of her practice, she exhibits extraordinary professionalism and innate curiosity to learn from the work and lived experiences of others."
Sallyann Kluz, Director, Office of Public Art, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
"That is all very exciting, and I never ventured to hope to find a culture that integrates art, philosophy and science in my new homeland, a homeland that has the reputation for prioritizing utility and fast return on investment.... I think that only an integrated culture, where their different parts inspire each other can be a strong and creative culture. I congratulate you to your extraordinary achievement to make the connection work."