Image Journal features Natalie Settles

The feature article entitled, “Ecologies of Knowing: What Natalie Settles Learned in a Lab,” overviews the artist’s four-year residency with an evolutionary biology laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh. The illustrated piece is thoughtful and nuanced with an analysis of Natalie’s body of recent work, her time based in the lab, and her emerging long-term,

Invitation to speak by the Evolutionary Studies Collaborative of St. Francis College

Brooklyn, NY, November 4, 2013 The Natalie Settles will speak about her ongoing work based in an evolutionary biology laboratory to the Evolutionary Studies Collaborative, an interdisciplinary partnership of the humanities and sciences of St. Francis College. She will discuss how her work and ideas in art and science have developed in light of evolutionary theory

The journal Science features the Evolving Wallpaper

The journal Science reported on the Evolving Wallpaper project which is emerging from the artist’s residency in a University of Pittsburgh evolutionary biology laboratory. This project-in-development features projected, interactive patterns that evolve site-specifically in response to viewer interaction. It is at once a work of art and a system of scientific experimentation. “Random Sample: Wallpaper