A Pilgrim in Art and Science, An Introduction

I’ve now spent fifteen years on this journey in art and science. Indeed, I think of my path through these two fields as an ongoing pilgrimage. In 2015 had an opportunity to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain and found the experience illuminated much of my life in interdisciplinary work. This trail through art and science has included early waymarks, wrong turns, pivotal moments, ongoing discovery, and recent directions. The story is both an inner and outer journey and a snapshot of the larger story that both Art and Science poke and prod at in their own ways — Art as a game of mystery and questions, Science as a game of precision and necessarily incomplete answers.

This narrative will trace the thread of experience that surrounded the creation of particular works, inviting you along this journey to skirt the edges of life’s bigger questions. By the end, I hope to help you better understand what motivates my work, and the hope I have for interdisciplinary practice as a whole.

It’s a pleasure to have your company,

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