Detail installation view of Marginal


  • h Magazine features Settles' collaborative wallpaper
    November 1, 2014
    The Heinz Endowments' h Magazine offers an excellent introduction to and overview of Natalie's ongoing collaborative Evolving wallpaper project and collaborative process with biologist Stephen Tonsor and his laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh. The Heinz Endowments are generous funders and supporters of this innovative work. Kind thanks to the Endowments!
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  • The journal Science features the evolving wallpaper project
    July 5, 2013
    The journal Science reported on Settles's on-going evolving wallpaper project in collaboration with the Tonsor evolutionary biology laboratory. This project-in-development features projected, interactive wallpapers that evolve site-specifically in response to viewer interaction. They are at once a work of art distributed over many sites and a system of scientific experimentation.
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  • Settles's collaboration with the Tonsor Evolutionary Biology Laboratory in Creative Capital's On Our Radar
    May 6 2013 - Sept. 30 2013
    Creative Capital is featuring Settles's project with the Tonsor Lab at University of Pittsburgh as a project to watch. The site features 316 noteworthy artists' projects from across the country that advanced to the second or third round of CC's highly competitive grant application last year. Please get in touch if you would like to support this project!
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  • Commissioned site-specific tree grates for Pittsburgh's revitalization of Penn Avenue
    Coming Spring 2015
    In keeping with my installation work responding to unusual marginal spaces and plant matter, I have been selected to design a custom iron tree grate pattern for the trees along Penn Avenue through the Garfield and East Liberty neighborhoods. The concept sketches are riffs on a stylized root-like pattern extending from the base of three, relating the work back to the plant.